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Notary and Commissioner of Oaths Service

Our notarization services can witness your signatures, certify documents to be true copies of the original, sign affidavits, and administer oaths.

We administer oath or declarations by asking you to swear or affirm that the contents in a document are true and sign the affidavits for you.

Documents We Notarize

What We Need from You

Documents we notarize including:

  • Custodianship Declaration – Custodian for Minors Studying in Canada
  • Certified or Notarized True Copies *be sure to bring the original document*
  • Proof of Life or Certificate of Residence for Foreign Pension
  • Child Travel Consent Letters
  • Doctor, Lawyer, Pharmacist and other professional licensing applications
  • Other documents that require notary services: If you are not sure what documents can be notarized at Mia Legal, please contact us.

You will need to attend in person for us to witness your signature and verify your ID. Please bring your document unsigned and a piece of unexpired government-issued photo ID, such as:

  • Driver’s Licence, or
  • Passport, or
  • Birth Certificate, or
  • Permanent Resident Card

Document Preparation Services

Mobile Notary Public

If you don’t have your document drafted, we can help! Although we do not offer legal advice while providing notary services, we can draft the documents that you need, like:

  • General Affidavits
  • Proof of Life or Certificate of Residence (for foreign pension)
  • Child Travel Consent Letters

Price depends on the number of pages needed to be drafted and the number of notarizations required.

Suppose you are unable to leave your residence due to illness or injury but require the services of a notary, or you prefer the convenience of not having to leave your place. In that case, we can visit you and notarize your documents. Areas served include Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, and the nearby regions. For regions outside the areas mentioned above, prices will be determined by the distance to our Burlington offices.